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The Clinic

One of the advantages of treatment in our clinic is its complexity. Our team consists of doctors who specialize in different parts of dentistry, which enables us to do most treatments within our clinic without having to send our patients to other specialists.

We try to avoid unnecessary waiting and ensure a smooth running of the clinic by establishing a personal contact with our clients.The reception and the waiting room create one open space which gives the patients chance to contact someone from the staff constantly. You get all the necessary information before and after the treatment at the reception and you also pay the bill there. You can pay cash, by credit card or bank transfer.

In our minishop you can buy tools for your oral hygiene and prophylaxis that were recommended to you by the doctor or the hygienist.

Welcome to Syndenta Clinic.

Reception and waiting room

Syndenta receptionSyndenta receptionSyndenta receptionSyndenta receptionVybavení čekárnyWI-FI hotspot LED TV Automat na kávu Výdejník vody Denní tisk

Office 1
surgery, implantology

Ordinace - MUDr. Pavel KořínekStomatolog MUDr. Pavel KořínekOrdinace 1 - chirurgie, implantologie

Office 2
microscopic dentistry, endodotics

Stomatolog MUDr. Petr KořínekZubní ordinace - MUDr. Petr KořínekZubní klinika Syndenta

Office 3
restorative dentistry

Office 4
prosthetics, CAD/CAM dentistry

Stomatologická ordinace SyndentaOrdinace Syndenta Stomatologická ordinace SyndentaZubní lékař - Syndenta

Office 5
dental hygiene

3D X-ray

Dentální hygiena SyndentaZubní hygienistka Syndenta 3D rentgen Syndenta3D rentgen


Školení lékařů Syndentaškolení, prezentace


The clinic is furnished with the latest dental equipment, which means we provide perfect and painless treatment.

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We have a large number of foreign patients (Germany, Switzerland, the USA, the UK, Australia...) who do not hesitate to travel many miles to get high quality treatment for reasonable price.

Our best refence are satisfied clients who come back.

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